My Story

My name is Hélène van Diggelen and I have been living in the Netherlands for most of my life until I was graving something different, so I decided to move to the other side of the world, to Canada. I have been living mostly abroad ever since, in different countries.

Besides exploring this beautiful planet, I love to study different food-cultures around the world, and you will find me most of the time experimenting with new recipes and ideas!

I have always been a big supporter of holistic nutrition and health, mostly due to my own experiences with health issues such as; infectious mononucleosis, adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances, toxic mold exposure, and food intolerances. 

With countless visits to doctors and hospitals, I realised that western medicine wasn’t the answer for me to get to the root of my symptoms so I turned to a holistic point of view. With lots of self-study together with holistic practitioners I have come closer to the root of my symptoms and finally, I began to heal.

My journey has been filled with ups and downs when it comes to both physical and mental health but I believe that these challenges came on my path for a reason.
And with my own experience and understanding, I can now share my knowledge to inspire and help others to feel happy and healthy again.