Are you a victim of your own thoughts?

“Your thoughts create your reality, but your reality are not your thoughts”.


I’m a deep thinker, an over-thinker. I think about everything. Fortunately, I’m also pretty good at detaching myself from my thoughts (I thank meditation for that). However, it also happens that I get stuck in my thoughts. Which often leads to more negative than positive thoughts.

So I’ve been thinking; why are we inherently thinking negative in the first place? Why does everyone gets uncomfortable when they have to force themselves to feel positive? Do we not believe we are good enough?

Our reality is shaped by outside influences.

“Because what other people think of you is just a perspective of their own reality and has nothing to do with you”.


Perhaps your teacher in school never believed you could make it to University, or your peers made fun of you. Maybe your parents made you believe you were not good enough because you didn’t wanted to follow their rules.
But whatever the reason is, the truth is that you are an adult now. Which means it’s time to take responsibly for yourself.
You see, you don’t have to believe all the stories you’ve been told.


Because what other people think of you is just an perspective of their own reality and has nothing to do with you.

Yes, maybe your teacher hated how messy your handwriting was, so he would give you lower grades just because he was too lazy to try and understand what you wrote down (don’t blame him). However, because of this, you believed you weren’t smart enough. Which, don’t get me wrong, happens to all of us.
Now, just because your teacher was a lazy f*ck doesn’t mean that you aren’t smart enough. Because chances are that you are smart enough, however, you probably just need to work on your handwriting.

Who says what you are thinking is the truth anyway?

You see, we have countless of thoughts everyday and not all of them are useful for us. Some are negative or bad and can tire us down. Some thoughts are more positive and make us feel better. Whatever the thought is you’re having. You don’t have to respond or believe in every thought you have.

Image if we all believed all the negative thoughts we have on a daily. We would feel so exhausted and grumpy all the time. Oh wait.. that’s the whole reason I’m writing this article, to help and prevent you from that.

Thoughts like; “I’m not good enough”, “I will never make enough money”, “I will never find true love” etc.. These are thoughts that are not serving us whatsoever. The more we believe these thoughts, the more we unconsciously manifest them. And no, we don’t want that!

They’re simply just thoughts going through your mind. Nothing more. Who says these thoughts are even your own? It’s possible you picked these up from someone else. Perhaps your co-worker Betty was extra grumpy today and had to spill all her negative thoughts about the world on you. Now on your way home, you feel irritated and grumpy at the world too.


Because thoughts are just an energy source that we pick up from everyone and everything around us. Annoying? Definitely.

Let it go

But the good thing is, as easily as we absorb these thoughts around us, we can just as easily let them go.

Try to notice the thoughts in your head and how they make you feel. Ask yourself; Are these thoughts serving me? Are these thoughts my own? Do I want to feel this way? Am I really irritated at the world or did Betty just stepped out the wrong side of the bed today?

If it’s so easy for us to believe other people their thoughts and opinions about us, why shouldn’t it be easy to believe our own?

What is it’s as easy as stating “This is what I choose to believe more than everything else,” and then living with it?
Don’t attach to your thoughts too much. Let them be. Let them go and know that you are good enough as you are right now.

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