Self-Love. What does it mean to you?

Self-love. When I first heard this concept I wasn’t sure what it meant exactly. The first things that came to mind were face masks, getting my hair done or taking a bath, you get the picture. And even though this is an essential part of self care, which goes hand in hand with self love, I think there is a deeper meaning of self-love which goes way beyond that. 

Because after my 10th visit to the hair salon and the countless self-care products I have bought for myself, I still felt as if my needs weren’t met and I was longing for a deeper connection with myself.

When I began to ask myself what I needed to do in order to love myself deeper, I realised I had to stop distracting myself so I could sit with myself in stillness.. Only then I found out what my deeper needs and desires were. I realised it has been way too long since I had listened to myself which resulted in feeling disconnected with myself. 

Just by taking the time for myself, I was able to connect with myself on a deeper level and fully understand my needs and desires. 

So from this day on, it’s not only putting a face masks on and waiting for the magic to happen. It is asking myself what I need today to feel loved.. and then do that as an act of self-care.

It is easy for us to lose touch with ourselves when we become too invested in our outer world e.g.: our jobs, relationships, goals, school, pressure from society and peers etc. And because of this, it is essential for us to take time for ourselves everyday. I know how hard it can be to prioritise ourselves with our busy schedules but really all we need could be as little at 10 minutes a day. Just breathe and ask yourself “what is it I need to feel my best self today?”.

So what does self love mean to you?

Self love to me is being compassionate and vulnerable with yourself in times where it almost seems impossible. It’s willing to look at yourself and being brutally honest about your mistakes, scars, wounds, and embracing them. It’s letting go of parts of you that are no longer serving you. It’s taking steps for the greater good of yourself even though it feels heavy to do them. It’s knowing when to say “no” to others and saying “yes” to yourself. It’s prioritising your own need and taking time off when you need it. 

Sometimes it’s doing things you might not feel like doing, for the greater good of yourself. 

I’ve been thinking about this term “self-love” and I think its crazy how we live in a society today that feeds off insecurities and where prioritising oneself is seen as selfish..fuck that! 

Self love is one of the most selfless things you can do, because you can only offer another what you give to yourself. 

So this is just a reminder to be kind to yourself, say “no” when you need to, embrace your mistakes and faults, prioritise your mental and physical health, and do what makes you happy!! Because at the end of the day, this is all that really counts.

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