Don’t get stuck in the comparison trap

It is very easy for us to complain about our lives instead of preaching what we are grateful for.  More often times than not we focus on what we don’t have instead of what we do have.  Perhaps you catch yourself constantly comparing to others and that way it always seems like those people have… Continue reading Don’t get stuck in the comparison trap

Free yourself

True freedom begins when you decide to take nothing personally. The day you decide that your life is your own, take all responsibility. No apologies, blame, or excuses. Often times we blame other people for our feelings and emotions because it can be hard and scary to face ourselves. However, this way you will always… Continue reading Free yourself

Self-Love. What does it mean to you?

Self-love. When I first heard this concept I wasn’t sure what it meant exactly. The first things that came to mind were face masks, getting my hair done or taking a bath, you get the picture. And even though this is an essential part of self care, which goes hand in hand with self love,… Continue reading Self-Love. What does it mean to you?